Flowers · Italy

What is your flower?

A bouquet reveals the character of a person. It is usually selected based on your wedding gown and on the tone of your celebration, but the choice is sometimes influenced by who you really are. Elegant with roses, exuberant with peonies, dreamer with lilac, reserved with azalea. Discover your personality here, thanks to the Italian floral design firm Artflor Monti.

PEONY – Exuberant and shy, sensual and emotional: if you decided for the rich peony, you show charm and femininity with all their contradictions. But you are a woman of character because, as a Chinese legend tells, peony was the only flower to rebel against Empress Wu Zetian, refusing to bloom in winter.

ROSE – You are romantic and reasonable if you choose roses for your bouquet. You love classic elegance and a little retro, soft colors, long hair, and poems. A symbol of beauty and everlasting love, rose is the flower for a woman who has a loveable character.

LILAC – You are a dreamer. With its shades of purple and amethyst, the delicate Persian lilac is often matched to a poetic spirit, clear complexion, and to dreams that, according to mythology, you have the power to make them come true.

TULIP – If tulip is your flower, you have passion and the power to define your life. Just like this flower that, from anonymous bulb, is transformed into a warm message of love.

AZALEA – You are delicate, reserved, and elegant. In China, Azalea is the symbol of femininity and moderation, and it is also considered an excellent lucky charm for special moments.

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