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Happy children at your reception

Deciding whether or not to invite children to your wedding and reception can be a tricky choice. If you choose to include children, be prepared to plan for them. At your reception, have a kid friendly meal for everyone under a certain age, and keep them entertained. A great way to keep your little guests entertained during your special day is to give them a toy bag.

Envirosax has spread the reusable bags message with colorful sustainable ultra-compact grocery bags since 2004. They are lightweight, portable, waterproof and surprisingly roomy, and there are some specifically designed for kids. That way, you can teach them how to help the environment by reusing their own bags.

Fill Envirosax bags with favorite toys, such as a set of crayons or colored pencils with coloring books (there are many with wedding themes), and plush toys. If you are having a beach-themed wedding outdoors, stock each bag with a small bucket and shovel to play with the sand, a frisbee, maybe a disposable camera for fun pictures, and colorful sunglasses – Don’t forget a sunscreen bottle!


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