Tree planters with… Fiat 500


Awww, Milan… This is where I was born and lived until 1993. When I see pictures of my city, many beautiful memories come to my mind… like Fiat 500, one of those cars from the 60’s when I was a little girl.

Until September 30, Via Montenapoleone (the most glamorous street for shopping in Milan) will host Fiat 500 models in a totally unexpected role. Twenty fiberglass replicas (of the same size and shape as the little iconic vehicle) become planters for real trees. “Per Fare Un Albero” (To Create A Tree) is the initiative behind all this: a cooperative effort between the City of Milan, Fiat, and artist-designer Fabio Novembre. His philosophy is to merge trees and cars into one object as a “symbol of a new way of living”. And what a great fit for an eco-friendly and cheerful car like Fiat 500!


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