An elegant Halloween wedding

My favorite time of the year is coming: Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. Three consecutive months where creativity is in full swing!

Halloween weddings are so much fun… I’m always inclined to incorporate elegant touches like black velvet and rhinestones rather than vampires and blood, and the look is spectacular!

Stay tuned for a wonderful Tavolozza I created for an October bride who chose tangerine (as the fall/Halloween color) and diamonds (instead of black) for her high-tech sparkling wedding.

Here are some ideas for your not-so-common Halloween wedding celebration: they can be also used for a fun party on Halloween night.

  • Have invitations printed on parchment with elegant Old English and gothic fonts, finished with black glitter edges and sealed with wax
  • Choose a historic mansion with gothic architecture: it will create a spooky vibe while still being formal and elegant
  • Use dramatic lighting throughout the venue
  • Rent persimmon and Merlot red satin linens with sheer spider web overlays
  • Wrap black velvet ribbon with a rhinestone buckle around pumpkins
  • Make a grand entrance with the sound of thunder and the vision of fog
  • Serve a cake decorated with black and orange cobwebs

More ideas for my “Halloween Sparkle” wedding can be found on the 2010 issue of Ceremony Magazine – San Diego edition.


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