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Eli loves pancakes, and so do I!


Alphabet Plates allows you to personalize plates and placemats for children. With bright, bold designs and BPA-free construction, plates can be customized according to your kid’s name, hair, eyes, skin tone and you can add accessories like a pacifier or a tiara. There are also food and sports themes, and monograms that can be completely personalized. Placemats show where dishes and utensils go and they are available in several languages.

Plates are made of 100% melamine and they are dishwasher safe, while placemats are one- or two-sided heavy duty 10ml laminate and they are easy to wash with warm water.

Who is the founder of Alphabet Plates? A mom, of course!

Alphabet Plates are a great idea for birthday gifts, or you could also order them for your child’s party and let the young guests take theirs home as a favor.

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