I smell great coffee (and chocolate)

Joes on the Nose brings a new level of artisan organic espresso catering to you. I love them because:

  • They believe in quality – They grind their espresso for every cup, ensuring the freshest and “brightest” flavor
  • They’re thinking greener – They believe in socially responsible coffee and environmentally responsible business. Their beans are grown organically (without pesticides) and are roasted locally. Their paper goods are made of post consumer content. Their disposable cold cups are made of corn (even their business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper)
  • Their Hot Chocolate Bars are a great addition to fall and winter events, but are also available throughout the year

For this holiday season, Joes on the Nose is offering one-stop shopping for your artisan beverage needs at one discounted price. Their package includes:

  • Organic Espresso Bar – Artisan espresso drinks made with locally roasted organic espresso, organic milks, and their homemade whipped cream
  • Hot Chocolate Bar – Up to six kinds of hot chocolate made to order (how could you resist peanut butter, raspberry, or caramel?) with up to three kinds of homemade whipped cream (how about coconut or mint, or…?). All of their hot chocolates are made with an organic ground chocolate. Service comes with marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and shaved dark chocolate to top the drinks
  • Mulled Spiced Cider Service – Slow-cooked apple cider with mulling spices, served with cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and caramel sauce

Think about your holiday party or your winter wedding celebration with Joes on the Nose: your guests will thank you forever for that amazing cup of coffee (or hot chocolate)!


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