Sweet February – Ticings

You bake the canvas. We’ll do the rest. This is how Ticings’ website welcomes you: a very simple statement that my DIY social clients and bride love.

Ticings are thin sheets of edible icing printed with contemporary designs using food-grade inks. Made in the U.S.A., gluten-free, FDA approved and kosher certified, Ticings are best applied to fresh butter cream frosting. Just peel and press to give your cakes and frosted desserts modern decorations in minutes!

An award-winning brand identity designer with a lifelong passion for delicious and beautifully presented foods came up with the idea: a quick and affordable way to bring contemporary design to the dessert table.

Prices range between $15.95 and $22.95 for cupcake-size images of full sheets plus sugar. There are several themes to choose from (holidays, weddings, kids, etc.) and the most popular one this month is Valentine’s Day: you will get an assortment sheet with your choice of heart-sprinkled valentine sugar or hand-mixed artisan raspberry sugar.


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