Sweet February – Wrap your cupcake with love (Part I)

Valentine’s Day may be over, but February – our sweet month – is not. How about having a cupcake or two with your honey?

Bella Cupcake Couture offers posh and chic textile-inspired cupcake wrappers. The boutique- style designs add a touch of sophistication and elegance for any special occasion.

Carrie Middlemiss, the founder, spent an entire year researching and talking to cupcake lovers and shop owners, and she came up with an ingenious idea to hide the crinkly, translucent paper cupcakes are baked in.

Carrie envisions the wrappers, which are printed with soy inks on recycled paper, at weddings, bridal and baby showers and as birthday gifts, housewarming gifts and a little treat for yourself.

The cost? $9 for 18 mini wrappers, $12 for a dozen of regular-size wrappers, or $48 for 50 regular-size wrappers.


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