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Join a REVOlution for our wedding community

You may have noticed a new icon in my electronic e-mail signature… It is a blue square with a cute red heart that says REVOweddings.

What is REVOweddings? It is a REVOlutionary movement that was started for a dear colleague and friend, Peggi Walker of Metro Floral who, this past September, was diagnosed with cancer. You can see some of her amazing work in the following pictures.

Photo by Suzanne Hansen, SheWanders Photography

Suzanne Hansen, photographer and owner of SheWanders Photography, is a very good friend of Peggi’s. She had the desire to come up with a plan that could assist Peggi with any potential funding issues.

Suzanne found some friends to help her along the way and make this fundraising opportunity unique. The first of these friends, and the inspiration for the entire REVO movement, is Nina Brav, a photographer based in Los Angeles. Nina started REVO, a movement that allows each of us to make a change in someone’s life. The concept inspired REVOweddings.

I joined Suzanne and her brilliant, heart-filled desire to help Peggi, along with Kate Capshaw of Resolusean Events, and Meaghan Schmaltz of Weddings Made Splendid to create REVOweddings. In less than a week, REVOweddings was born out of love, hope, and faith.

Photo by Suzanne Hansen, SheWanders Photography

REVOweddings is now prospering thanks to an amazing amount of support from San Diego’s top wedding vendors offering the best products and services at unbelievable prices. Engaged couples will have an opportunity to choose their florist, photographer, favors, and more during our online auction, April 16-30. The proceeds from the auction will go to help Peggi fight the disease.

For more information about our online auction (or if you are a vendor and would like to join our REVOlution by donating services or products), visit our website at

REVOweddings will be at the San Diego Wedding Party Bridal Show at the Hard Rock Hotel this Sunday, March 7 between 12pm and 5pm. Whether you are a bride or a wedding professional, look for our REVOweddings booth and share your heart!


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