Natural Wonders – Organic Elements

Organic Elements is one of my favorite floral design companies in San Diego.

Their concept is to work with nature and picking the necessary organic elements (hence the company name) in order to bring your vision to life.

I had the opportunity to work with Sharon Mintz, owner of Organic Elements, on several celebrations, and I was always impressed with the talent and creativity that she combined with a huge respect for our environment: buying organic, reducing chemical usage and conserving water, yet producing spectacular floral arrangements and bouquets that every bride loves.

I asked Sharon what the new trends are for 2010, and here is what she is working on this year.

“A lot of pretty-organic-vintage. Soft textures, green and white with an accent of plum, mismatched vignettes and accented by homemade (or at least homemade-looking) paper goods. Though we keep up with all of these, our focus for every wedding is reduced water use (which means no preservatives put in hindering reuse), recycling and reuse of packing materials and using local and in season flowers whenever possible  – including our on premises grown succulents (grown with reclaimed water).”

Organic Elements also offers a green program, The Ten Tree Exchange, that allows them to offset some of the carbon emissions resulting from the transport of your flowers (being delivered to them and to your wedding locations). When you include The Ten Tree Exchange program in your contract, Sharon and her team will have a tree planted in your name for every $500 you spend with them.


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