Wedding Planning

Wedding coordinator vs. Venue coordinator

Many brides I meet with don’t think they need a wedding coordinator because their location already provides a “venue coordinator”. Well, it’s not quite the same… Let’s see how they differ.

A Venue Coordinator will:

  • Provide event venue suggestions
  • Act as your primary contact at the location throughout the planning process
  • Act as menu consultant for all food and beverage selections
  • Prepare a Banquet Event Order outlining the specifics, and confirm any outside equipment rentals if needed (such as patio umbrellas and heaters)
  • Create an Estimate of Charges outlining your financial commitments and deposit schedule to the venue
  • Establish contact with a reservation manager for guest room block (if needed)
  • Oversee the details of the bride and groom’s room reservation
  • Ensure a seamless transition to the venue’s Banquet Manager on the day of the event
  • Review your banquet checks prior to the completion of your final bill

A Wedding Coordinator will:

  • Assist with etiquette and protocol for invitations, family matters, ceremony and toasts
  • Contact all of your vendors, get the answers you need from them, confirm all the details of your wedding day, distribute them information that is pertinent, and confirm they understand it  clearly
  • Create a timeline for your entire wedding day, including getting-ready, ceremony and reception
  • Organize and coordinate your ceremony rehearsal, reminding the bridal party of all pertinent instructions on the wedding day
  • Handle emergencies that may come up during the wedding, such as vendor no-shows
  • Be the liaison with your family, bridal party, vendors and venue staff
  • Assist the bride and bridal party with dressing, ensure delivery of personal flowers, and assist with boutonnieres and corsages
  • Supervise setup at both ceremony and reception locations (flowers, rentals, lighting, decor, etc.) – Remember: for most weddings, setup will start before your makeup; having a professional coordinator as the contact person for all your vendors during that time is key
  • Deliver and arrange ceremony programs, place cards, favors and all personal items
  • Coordinate timing of ceremony and reception with all vendors (setup/tear down, cueing music, grand entrance, catering service, first dance, cake cutting, etc.)
  • Collect all wedding gifts and deliver to appropriate location
  • Collect and/or store any personal items you may have brought at the conclusion of the reception
  • Handle final payments to vendors

Brides who don’t realize the importance of having a coordinator at their wedding usually assign tasks to a family member or a very close friend. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have your mother among the special guests instead of having her check that the cake is delivered at the right time and is decorated by the florist just like the bride wants? Would you not rather spend precious moments with your best friend during pictures instead of putting her in charge of arranging place cards? Would she be able to find another limousine company if the driver doesn’t show up for your transfer?

So many details are involved during your special day and you can’t take any chances. There’s only one celebration, no repeats…

Hire a professional coordinator for your wedding and you will see how easy and stress-free it will be for you to enjoy your day. It may seem an additional expense that you can avoid but, believe me, it will be well worth it!

Take a look at our packages at and let us take care of everything for you!


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