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Event Report – BizBash L.A. Expo & Awards (Part I)

On June 9 I attended the BizBash L.A. Expo & Awards at the L.A. Mart. What a great day!

It all started with a fabulous presentation by celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss, who enchanted us with gorgeous pictures from past weddings and celebrations while talking about color trends. White is definitely in, but Mindy always adds color, color, and color – it adds energy to every event.

Steve Kemble, America’s sassiest lifestyle guru, was the other keynote speaker. He entertained us with stories and secrets from the Red Carpet, and explained how red carpet shows inspire our clients and brides with color, fashion, and trends.

The trade show floor was an exciting and inspiring space.

Colors: White and black accented with red (Town & Country Event Rentals, top left) or shocking pink (Rrivre, top right), silver and purple (Luxe Event Rentals, bottom left). Fabrics: Metallics and natural fibers. Materials: Acrylic tabletops (Girari, bottom right) are a planner’s heaven!

Props: Yes, chandeliers are still in (Rrivre).

New idea: Living Red Carpet (at the Champagne Showgirls booth – left, and in action – right).

Among the event sponsors, kool Party Rentals – This company has the “koolest” furniture for your special event or wedding! You have to visit their showroom in San Diego – You will be amazed at the variety of lounge furniture and accessories they can provide for your event or wedding!

Stay tuned for Part II – The BizBash Expo & Awards After-Party organized by kool Party Rentals…

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