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I Heart DIY – Lollipop Pies

I love everything sweet and this recipe is perfect for a fun dessert station (or favors) at your wedding or special event.

You just need lollipop sticks, cinnamon, sugar, cornstarch, a flavor – or more – of your choice (bananas, blackberries, apples, etc.) and pie crust dough (you can find recipes all over the Internet for β€œapple pie crust”).

Prepare the filling with sugar, cornstarch and your favorite flavor.

Using a round cookie cutter (or anything with a circular lid), cut circles into the dough.

Place the filling in the center of each circle along with a lollipop stick (just use half of the circles).

Seal the mini pies with the remaining circles and make indents all around with a lollipop stick. Brush egg whites on the exterior and bake until the mini pies are golden.

Voila, ready for the show – Yum!

Thanks to Luxirare –


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