I heart DIY – Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands are always a fun addition to your wedding celebration and an easy DIY project for an evening with your bridesmaids. There are many tutorials out there and I decided to try my own version a few weeks ago for a photo shoot at The Prado. Pictures of the shoot will follow…

What you need:
*Dowels (12-inch long)
*Ribbon (you can use one strand or different ones for a more dramatic effect like I did)
*Glue gun

Cut the ribbon into 2-3 feet lengths. If you are using multiple strands, glue them together at one end.

Attach the ribbon with hot glue and wrap around the dowel.

Finish the ribbon ends (cut the fabric in diagonal or pointed, your choice).

Display the wands in a vase at your reception and invite your guests to use them as a sendoff!


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