Holiday Greetings

Happy Mother’s Day!

Beautiful Tara and her mother getting ready

In the past few days “The phrase Working Mother is redundant” was tweeted and retweeted all over. And it’s true… Think about what our mothers did since we were born, the amount of time they always dedicated to us every single day of their lives as mothers. My mother is the best example: she was always there for me and my brother, and she still is (even though we live far from each other). I am also a mother and I feel blessed for having a wonderful son.

As a wedding planner I meet (and sometimes I work with) many mothers of the bride and I love them all. I love the way they assist their daughters to prepare for their big day, I love the way they give advice and suggestions on how to let them have a memorable day, I love the way how they graciously greet guests at the ceremony and how they make them feel welcome and entertained at the reception. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they see their daughters walk down the aisle. I love the hugs, the kisses, the affection that they show to their daughters’ new husbands and their families. And for this reasons, I still cry at weddings. This is part of what I love about my job: the emotional aspects of such an important day in the life of a couple and their families and friends. And I am truly grateful for being part of their celebration.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful and caring mothers in the world!

Photo courtesy Phil Paik Studios – See more pictures about Tara’s wedding HERE.


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