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Think outside the… block

I love Lego and sweets. I know, unusual combination. When I was a little girl I had tons of Lego boxes with blocks of all colors and sizes and I was fascinated by the infinite possibilities of creating things with those cute little pieces. And the word “dessert” gives me endless joy. 

This week’s post is dedicated to a super fab cake artist, award-winning Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery. I’m a big fan of Jasmine’s creations and I wanted to share one of her masterpieces that combines two of my most favorite things: a Lego cake!

Don’t you agree with me that this cake is a masterpiece of creativity? I adore all those details, with the opening on the side that reveals Lego blocks and it looks like the cake is still under construction. And what about all those figures constructing the cake with flour, sugar and fondant, and placing the flowers? Genius!

Admire more pictures about the cake on Jasmine’s blog.


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