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Do you have room for a holiday tree this year?

I’m so ready for the holidays! I found this post on Apartment Therapy and I wanted to share the incredible creativity of readers and artists to replace the traditional Christmas tree in homes and public spaces.

This looks like a great wall painting, but look closely and you will see…

A myriad of tiny and colorful objects that make it a stunning piece of art! So easy to do!

A bookshelf tree. This would be the ideal solution if you just moved in and you didn’t unpack your boxes filled with books yet.

Musical Christmas Tree – Music enthusiasts out there, I bet you love this one!

Printout for walls – An ideal project if you have children, and they can paint colorful ornaments for fun. They will be so proud of their tree!

Read the entire post and see more pictures on Apartment Therapy’s blog.

Happy Holidays!

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