Gift Registry

Skip the fine china and receive cash for your wedding

Many of my wonderful couples have been living together for a while before getting married and they always ask me the same questions: “Can you give us some advice about gift registries?”; “Is there a way to avoid the traditional registry and ask for something different from fine china?” They usually have everything they need for their home and they don’t want to receive another toaster…

Thankfully, today there are great options such as CashWeddingGift, the fastest, easiest and safest way to send or receive an online cash wedding gift.  Your guests will experience a new way of shopping for wedding gifts, and you can use the cash you receive to help pay off your credit cards, pay for your honeymoon,  or save for a new house or retirement. founder David Brownlee realized there was a need for cash gift registries when he got married in Amalfi, Italy in 2007. “My wife and I already had all the household items we could use. We didn’t want to lug presents home. What we really wanted were cash presents, and a safe, convenient way to receive them.”

Brownlee started working on the idea that would become after his honeymoon and is confident that he has now found a way to help other brides and grooms who would also prefer cash over china. “Our mission is to help wedding couples realize their financial hopes and dreams,” he says.

How does it work? Watch the video for a quick tour, and contact David today to set up your account today!

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