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Top 2012 Catering Trends for Weddings

Curious to know what wedding couples around the States love to offer at their reception? Here’s some very interesting information from the March-April 2012 issue of Special Events Magazine.

Infusion bars are the latest craze in Philadelphia and New York according to Stephen Starr Events: They allow the couple to add a DIY touch to the cocktail hour since guests can customize their libations. The company’s signature bar features teas, herb-infused simple syrups, house-made Italian sodas in apothecary-style jars, and recipe cards. Guests are encouraged to try existing recipes or come up with their own flavor combinations. Lovely!

Magic Mojito - Photo courtesy Someone's In The Kitchen

A twist on traditional cocktails is also well received by today’s couples. An example is the “magic mojito,” which is shaken, not stirred, then strained and poured over cotton candy.
Wine-tasting receptions – including custom wine labels and corks – are the perfect solution for rustic chic weddings, especially when the location is a vineyard (think Temecula or magical Napa Valley). The cocktail hour can be held in the wine cellar and guests are invited to a private wine-tasting as Southern California’s Someone’s In The Kitchen suggests.

Chilled soup stations are ideal for spring and summer weddings. Your caterer can display large-footed silver compotes filled with seasonal chilled soups and accompanied by assorted toppings on a silver stand. This solution will work for both savory soups as first course or fruit soups for dessert – Yum!
Someone In The Kitchen’s favorites include white gazpacho with green garlic, green grapes and toasted almonds; classic tomato gazpacho with grilled shrimp and cilantro oil; and yellow grape tomato gazpacho with micro basil and charred eggplant.
And what about ethnic weddings? The possibilities are endless! According to Windows Catering Co. in Alexandria, VA fusion cuisine is still trending with Asian, Latin, Korean and Portuguese flavors as their most popular combination. Paella is always number one in Latin menus.
Dim Sum is always a huge hit for Someone’s In The Kitchen. Guests enjoy selecting their favorite dim sum (such as pork bao, shrimp shu mai, cellophane rolls and pot stickers) steamed fresh, right from the cart they provide at the wedding.


Cake in a cup - Photo by Dave DiRentis Photography

Stephen Starr Events’ cake in a cup wins for creativity. This new trend is replacing the traditional cake and cupcakes. Individual cakes (in different flavors) are baked in little cups matching the wedding: think mismatched vintage teacups, or clear glass mugs or metallic cups.
Another alternative to traditional cakes today are pies. Brides choose beautiful fruit tarts in place of their wedding cake and guests are served miniature versions.

Ice cream pops

Ice cream pops are another big trend, especially for summer celebrations. Windows Catering Co. has white raspberry, salted caramel, raspberry chocolate chile, coconut mango, espresso bean, praline brittle, orange pistachio and Swiss vanilla almond among their favored flavors.
Bite-size dessert stations including finger sweets, themed candies, and cake pops are also very popular according to Neuman’s Catering in New York City. One-bite desserts allow guests to try a variety of flavors without getting too full and to grab a quick bite in between dancing and mingling, and I couldn’t agree more! Have you seen La Dolce Idea’s Dessert Table gallery yet? Get inspired and call us at 858.688.5724 to let La Dolce Idea design yours!

What is the biggest late-night snack trend for 2012? Grilled cheese sandwich! Wndows Catering Co. combines meat and cheese for delicious slow-cooked short ribs with fontina cheese, duck confit with Brie, and Maine lobster with Gruyere as an upscale alternative to the traditional American on white.
Someone’s in the Kitchen loves to combine mini-grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato bisque shooters, shoestring fries with mini-milkshakes, and French toast cubes served with Nutella hazelnut spread. To die for!

What is your favorite trend to incorporate into your wedding reception? Need ideas? E-mail La Dolce Idea to receive unique solutions!

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