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“Green” your engagement ring

Think about having the perfect engagement ring, just the way you want it…

While I’m embarking on a new exciting journey (a Green Wedding Planning Certification course, stay tuned for special offers from La Dolce Idea), I would like to dedicate today’s post to one of my favorite resources for “green” jewelry, Brilliant Earth.

Their mission is to:

  • Provide the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices. Their diamonds come from mines in Canada, Namibia, and Botswana that adhere to strict labor and environmental standards
  • Educate about the social and environmental issues affecting the jewelry industry and identifying ways to help. Their precious metals (recycled gold and platinum) come from secondary sources and are re-refined in order to ensure that they are identical quality to newly mined metals
  • Support underdeveloped communities ravaged by the jewelry industry by donating a share of their profits (5 percent)

At Brilliant Earth, you can design your own engagement ring by selecting your budget, your center gem, and then choosing a setting by taking into account the style preferences, lifestyle, and personality of your partner.
All Brilliant Earth diamonds and jewelry pieces arrive with a certificate of origin, guaranteeing your purchase is ethically sourced according to strict social and environmental standards. Additionally, for center diamond purchases, you will receive a gemological laboratory report which will detail the weight, measurements and the quality grading of the diamond.

Brilliant Earth also has a beautiful collection of unique antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings from romantic eras of the past. Among my favorite ones:


 Alexis – A stunning Art Nouveau ring featuring an astounding floating, bezel-set, old mine cut diamond at the center, completely surrounded by diamond accents.


Delphinium – A lovely example of exquisite old-world craftsmanship. The center diamond is framed by concentric squares of precious metal and each of the six accent diamonds is set in a bead-and-bright frame


Brigitte – An Old Mine Cut center diamond glimmering in a four prong square-shaped setting with side diamonds held in beautiful squares of precious platinum

Let’s hear from you – What is your favorite engagement ring style?


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