Honeymoon packing tips

It’s that busiest time of the year for us wedding planners: every weekend we celebrate the love of beautiful couples and the next day they leave for exotic and far destinations as they start their new life together.

Here are some quick tips on packing;

1. Start early! On the last few days before your wedding you will be overwhelmed with last-minute details and changes, final adjustments on your guest list, and out-of-town family members and guests arriving. You won’t have time to take care of all this, and packing for your honeymoon will just be one more distraction. Get your suitcase out at least one-two weeks before you are leaving, this will give you time to think about different outfits and things to bring with you. Making a list can save you some time and there’s an app for that: Packing Pro

2. Think about packing clothes with wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as Lycra or Tencel. One way to reduce wrinkles on other fabrics is simply to roll or wrap your clothes in tissue paper

3. Coordinate your pieces before leaving: choose patterns and colors that will mix and match easily so that you can wear each piece more than once. Depending on where you are going, keep in mind that light-colored clothes will show stains but they are cooler than dark ones. Pack shoes that are versatile, and don’t bring shoes or clothes that you have never worn before to avoid unpleasant surprises

4. It’s always wise to pack all your valuables, one change of clothes, non-perishable snacks, a small bottle of water and your minimum toiletry needs in your carry-on in case your luggage gets delayed

5. Don’t forget to include a few romantic touches (scented travel candles, favorite candy bars or chocolate) to enjoy during the trip

The golden rule for packing? Don’t overstuff your bags! This usually leads to exceeding airline weights and extra fees.

Honeymoon tip: Keep a journal together so you will remember all of the activities, romance, and funny moments during your trip. So many memories that you don’t want to forget!

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!


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