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Postcards from Italy – Caratterino (Stationery Design)

Long gone are the days when wedding invitations in Italy were printed on either white or ivory card stock with black ink. There is a new generation of designers who are creating new and irresistible stationery items, and today I’m very excited to share the talent of Arabella Marsili (aka Ara Marvin) of Caratterino.

Ara describes herself as a “graphic designer, wedding supporter, paper addicted and fan of chaos”. Her brand name “Caratterino” is a word play for typography and also temper, even though she is very calm and shy!
Ara decided to focus on graphic themes during her studies in Urban Planning while working in design studios and digital printing centers. At the beginning of 2011, she started to work as a freelance designer and launched her own company. She was introduced to the world of paper and bookbinding, and at the same time she discovered wedding design and the endless possibilities to create marvelous pieces.
Ara started designing save-the-dates, seating charts, and guest books, then she personalized each piece by using different paper or binding techniques and the results were fantastic.
Ara and I share the same passion for what we do: we love working with couples who are living in a very emotional time of their life and have the desire to translate their emotions into a memorable celebration.

Here are some of Ara’s latest creations:

Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_011.Table name signs for a Japanese couple who got married in Italy. The wedding theme included feathers and Italian cities; Ara decorated each sign with a different border and printed them on cotton paper
Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_022. Save the date for a couple who wanted a vintage-style travel theme. Ara printed the pieces on recycled kraft paper and created a beautiful hot-air balloon motif

Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_033. Save the date for a couple who tied the knot during the Christmas holiday. Instead of using a traditional envelope, the save-the-date was attached to a clear Christmas ornament. The card was designed with both graphic design and freehand drawing

Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_044. Table name signs for an Italian bride and Finnish groom; they got married in Italy and their theme was the Commedia Dell’ Arte (a form of improvisational theater that began in Italy in the 16th century and its characters were identified by the masks, costumes and props they used)

Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_055. Save the date for a couple who selected a farmhouse in Lombardy for their fall wedding. Ara used wood sheets and rustic accents to match the theme

Caratterino_WeddingStationery_2012.12_066. Table number signs for a couple who loved clear and light elements: instead of using standard frames Ara glued white numbers on clear glass fish bowls that were placed on delicate flower pillows

Photo courtesy: Cinzia Bruschini – Besides being good friends with Ara, Cinzia is a professional wedding photographer who introduced Ara to the magical world of weddings.


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