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Create your custom fragrance with Pastiche

Every girl loves perfume, doesn’t she? And what could be better than having a custom perfume created just for her special day – her birthday party, her bridal shower, her wedding? Or, how about a present for someone special in her family or a dear friend? If you are one of those girls who would LOVE to have a custom fragrance made for such an important occasion, then Pastiche Custom Perfume is the place to go 🙂

My friend Dana Knees started her career in the fragrance world and she met Master Perfumer Vito Lenoci who inspired her to leave the corporate world and start her own company. Together with her husband Bill, Dana founded Pastiche here in San Diego; today the team includes fragrance designers across the United States and they’re working on a national distribution.

Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients, and they only offer Eau de Parfum which contains 18% perfume oil versus the most common Eau de Toilettes which contains only 5 – 7% perfume oil. 

Dana was recently featured on Fox 5 where news anchors Shally Zomorodi and Brad Wills created their own fragrance. Watch the segment below:

Ready for some fun and inspiration? Contact Dana at Pastiche today and be part of the fragrance revolution today!


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