La Dolce Idea

Celebrating my years as Director at San Diego ABC


The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) is the only organization exclusively dedicated to serving wedding professionals worldwide. Their 4,000+ worldwide members encompass the entire scope of the wedding industry and strive to increase wedding industry professionalism. I was very honored to serve the Board of San Diego ABC as Venue Chairperson (planning monthly meetings with educational and networking components) between 2008-2010 and as Co-Director for 6 wonderful years (2010-2016).

Since I joined ABC in 2006 I met amazing members and guests, promoted education at monthly meetings, and helped young planners to find their true passion. Being part of this association  shaped my career, provided me with experiences that I will never forget, and opened many doors that allowed me to provide stellar service to my clients.

My Steering Committee at San Diego ABC recognized me at the monthly meeting last Tuesday with beautiful speeches; they showered me with a beautiful floral bouquet and gifts, and a glass plaque (professional pictures will be added soon).


My advice for wedding couples: Look for professional planners and coordinators who are part of ABC or a professional association. This shows their commitment, dedication and desire to keep learning about trends and practices, and to stay up to date with the latest technology and information in the field. Having an ABC planner will give you an added peace of mind 🙂

My advice for wedding and event professionals: Get involved with ABC (or any other professional association), stay involved and make the most of your time as an active member. Never stop learning and connecting with your peers!

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