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Wedding Artist Spotlight – Karen Orr Illustration


I have so many beautiful things to say about Karen Orr, a fabulous artist who specializes in fashion illustrations. Her designs are beyond amazing, and now you can see her most beautiful bridal illustrations coming to life on Periscope.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Karen formally studied Fashion Illustration and Fine Art. After heading a successful business for 16 years as a muralist, she went back to her passion: Fashion Illustration.



I always love to watch Karen’s Periscope broadcasts while she tells the story of the bride who commissioned the illustration, she shows the original picture and she takes us on a journey while she adds makeup to the bride’s face, beading to her gown, a sheer veil, flowers to her bouquet, and more. Her storytelling matched with her expert painting techniques are the perfect combination. Wouldn’t you love to have one of your wedding pictures turned into a beautiful illustration like these?



Take a look at Karen’s fabulous creations on her WEBSITE. Information about ordering your keepsake illustration is also listed there.

Don’t miss Karen’s Periscope broadcasts while she paints live!


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