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Fun ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this year it falls on a Sunday. It’s the perfect day to enjoy this romantic holiday!

Being a wedding planner, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year because lots of couples get engaged on that day. It’s also considered a time for gifts and lavish dinners at fancy restaurants but you don’t have to do something over the top to enjoy it. This is a wonderful way to celebrate any type of love, whether you are newlyweds or you have been married for decades, whether you have children or pets, and whether you are single or not!

Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at its best.

1. Try something new! This could be a yoga class, a cooking class, a new networking group, a dance class, a new language. Challenge yourself with something that you never thought you could do or learn
2. Throw a party and invite your favorite single friends! This can be at your house or at a park, wherever your heart takes you
3. Several friends of mine always give and volunteer on Valentine’s Day: they visit their local food bank or a hospice and just spend quality time with those in need. You can also visit a local hospital and bring flowers even if you don’t know those people
4. Go shopping! From chocolates to clothing to things for the house, the possibilities are endless

1. Read your horoscope for that day and do something together related to what it says
2. Make an appointment for a couple’s massage or an exercise class together
3. Spend a few hours together to write things that you love about each other and things that you love doing together. Once you reach 50-60 put the notes inside a jar and read them (once every week, for instance) to remind yourself about your relationship and to get ideas on what to do together on that specific day
4. Spend the day at a park or where you two met or where you went on your first date and photograph each other. Make sure someone can take some pictures of the two of you together. Create a photo album or frame your favorite picture

1. Keep the spice of your married life by treating yourself to a dinner date. If you can, get ready in separate rooms of the house or at different locations, and treat it as a first date
2. Surprise your spouse – This could be an overnight or weekend getaway. Make sure that you take care of the hotel and flight reservations and pack luggage for both of you
3. Start a new tradition that you can repeat together on every Valentine’s Day: read a poem to each other when you wake up; spend some time together to talk about your plans for the year as a couple; go to a local attraction and take some pictures together
4. Renew your vows! A couple of mine has been renewing their vows every Valentine’s Day for 10 years. They always invite the same guests (friends and family members who were in the wedding party) and they always order the same cake they had at their wedding reception

1. Start the day with a heart-themed breakfast with your kids! I have a link to yummy recipes at the end of this post
2. Teach your children something new about Valentine’s Day (its history, where chocolate comes from, how to grow roses, etc.)
3. Select a fun movie to watch together (either at a theatre or at home)
4. Celebrate with a party for you and the kids: decorate the table with heart-shaped confetti or pink and red paper doilies, add sparkling cider and play happy music for a fun dance party!

1. Spend extra time with your pets: if you have dogs take them for a walk at their favorite park, if you have cats play with them a little longer, if you have birds play their favorite music
2. Buy a new toy or a yummy treat for them
3. Create a paw print in clay to preserve the beautiful memories forever – You can find kits at craft stores and the process of creating one is simple and fun
4. Donate to a local shelter


Make your favorite Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends. It doesn’t take much time and the fun is guaranteed! Some ideas? The one and only Martha Stewart has a collection of projects HERE

My favorite list is HERE

What is your plan on Sunday? I would love to know! Leave a comment below

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