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Happy Earth Day!


I’m very happy today because it’s Earth Day! I’m very passionate about this topic and I even became certified in Green Wedding Planning a few years ago in order to properly advice couples on how to have an eco-friendly wedding and save our planet at the same time. I also try to incorporate green solutions into weddings or events that are not necessarily eco-friendly. Some of these include:
* Selection of a venue that can accommodate both ceremony and reception so guests don’t need to drive therefore, there will be less gas emissions
* Selection of a caterer that uses locally grown foods (less transportation, less packaging, and less time in the fridge involved)
* Recycled paper for invitations
* Choosing natural materials for the wedding dress such as silk, cotton, bamboo. Or, use the one that your mother or your grandmother wore and just pay for alterations if necessary. This is a great way to recycle!
* Jewelry with ethically sourced diamonds that originate from mines adhering to strict labor, trade, and environmental standards (my favorite company is BrilliantEarth)
And more…
A lot of my clients think that by following these rules you have to sacrifice the glamour. However, decorating with the right eco-friendly elements and creativity you can have a gorgeous event and still be kind to the earth. For instance:
* Invitations – I always suggest that you go with the traditional route and have the old school snail mail method to send invitations. You can look into recycled paper products that can be plantable and vegetable-based inks, or cotton and bamboo alternatives. However, if you are planning a casual, non-traditional wedding then consider using companies that offer electronic invitations such as Paperless Post
* Flowers – If your theme has a rustic feel why not use wooden fruit crates to hold flowers, fresh fruits or even vegetables to create colorful and unique centerpieces? Ask your local grocery store if they have crates they’re disposing of to save on cost
* Décor – Shop at local thrift stores or flea markets, or estate sales. I’m subscribed to a mailing list that notifies me of estate sales in San Diego and what they are selling. Look for unique décor that you can use to decorate certain areas of the hosting venue. These are inexpensive décor and they are a great way to reuse and recycle
* Favors – Offer guests succulents or fresh local fruits to take home with them, or local mixed nuts wrapped in kraft paper with the name of your guests stamped on them

Would you like to know more how to save our planet while you plan the wedding of your dreams? There are so many fantastic ideas! CONTACT US TODAY and schedule a complimentary consultation, we would love to assist!

(Clipart courtesy of FreePik)


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