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Tips on how to create your unique wedding hashtag


Social media is part of our daily life and, whether you like it or not, guests at your wedding or special event will inevitably share the pictures they take. So, one good way to access the pictures after your celebration and make sure you don’t miss those posts is using hashtags.
A hashtag is a type of label used on social networks which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. You can just place the hash character # in front of a word or a phrase (with no spaces), and add it to the text of a message (either in between or at the end). When you search for that specific hashtag you will be able to see each message that has been tagged with it.
I always suggest my social clients and wedding couples to create a unique hashtag for their event or wedding because they can then take a look at not only the pictures that were posted but also comments that were made for that specific occasion.
The big secret is to generate a hashtag that is as unique as possible otherwise the content will not be easily trackable. Once you create your favorite hashtag always do a little research to make sure that it has never been used or at least the results don’t show millions of other posts. For instance, don’t select a hashtag that says #ourwedding because I’m sure millions of images will come up when you search with that hashtag!
One of my couples last year picked a hashtag that was very special to them and all the guests who posted images and videos online used it. When the wedding was over, she and her husband typed the hashtag in the Instagram search tab and they pulled up tons of other posts that had nothing to do with their wedding.  It was impossible for them to find wedding photos and videos in the feed, and they were very sad! They found some but they simply didn’t have the time to scroll down and find the ones relevant to them.

Here are a few tips to create an original hashtag:
* First names or last name(s) of the couple (#ErikaCharles)
* Don’t be afraid to use numbers in the hashtag (#In Love4Ever) or even emojis!
* Nicknames (it gives your hashtag a personal touch)
* Location of the event / wedding (#AnnNickCoronadoWedding)
* Combined names of the couple (#ChrisChelle)
* Rhymes (they’re easy to remember)
* Add the year (#AshleyMark2017 or #AshleyMark17), or even the month if needed (#AshleyMarkJun17)

Remember to capitalize each word in your hashtag so it’s easy for your guests to read it on the sign you will make and they will remember it easily.

If you need some help you can use one of many hashtag generators like HashtagGenerator – You will type a sentence with your details and it will give you three different options (and tell you which hashtags have not been used yet). It’s not the ultimate tool because you only get three options but it’s very helpful.

Next week we will take a look at ways on how to promote the custom hashtag you created at your event or wedding. Are you following my blog yet?

(Photo courtesy: Kelsey & Robert’s wedding – True Photography)


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